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Meet Attorney J. Kevin Walters

Founded in 2000, Walters Law Firm is based on providing service to those in this community. Attorney J. Kevin Walters is dedicated to pursuing innovative solutions and favorable outcomes. Although his primary focus is on your transactional needs, Mr. Walters has the experience and ability to advise in litigation matters.

Walters Law Firm is a firm that is built on transparency, reasonableness and fairness  in the fees that we charge. When you work one-on-one with Mr. Walters, you can be assured that you are always apprised of the status of your case and the strategy and steps being taken.

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J. Kevin Walters

An Experienced Attorney Who Has The Skills Necessary To Succeed

Mr. Walters brings decades of legal experience to each case and is:

  • Highly experienced: Mr. Walters has decades of legal experience involving commercial agreements, wills and estate planning, corporate formation and governance, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation.
  • Transparent fees: Real time access to attorney billing total is available.
  • Accomplished with a great track record in mediation: If you own or manage a small or large business you have likely had to deal with legal issues, consider saving money on legal fees and agree to mediate your case. The Walters Law Firm can help resolve your case quickly and economically through alternative dispute resolution.

Mr. Walters’ wide and varied legal experience and client service record are his two most distinctive characteristics. He is sometimes approached by outside counsel or parties for assistance in appellate cases and motion practice as well as to act as a mediator or arbitrator. The goal of the Walters Law Firm is a collaboration with you to determine the best legal means to meet your objectives. To begin that process, each client is given an individual assessment of their unique case. Using that assessment, Mr. Walters will provide a trustworthy opinion evaluating the desirability of engaging in alternative dispute resolution as opposed to continuing the litigation process and ultimately trial.

The Contract Experience You Expect And Need

Mr. Walters has extensive experience with myriad types of domestic and international commercial agreements. From complex manufacturing, supply, and brokerage agreements to Master Agreements and purchase order terms, Mr. Walters has successfully drafted, revised, and negotiated commercial agreements that span multiple industries, jurisdictions, and types of transactions. Whether yours is a large company that conducts business across several states or globally or it is a local community, closely-held operation, you should begin any business transaction with a written agreement to set the ground rules and avoid disagreement later on. Mr. Walters can help you ensure that what you have agreed to is clear, concise, and legally enforceable.

Get In Touch With Attorney Walters

Serving the needs of clients in both Texas and Georgia, Mr. Walters is available to schedule a convenient time to discuss your matter virtually or by telephone. The Walters Law Firm also offers secure and confidential virtual mediations. Call him at 844-899-4966 or reach him using the online contact form.