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Winning Before The Trial In Litigation And Appeals Cases

Attorney J. Kevin Walters brings decades of legal knowledge and experience in litigation and appellate issues. Selective in the cases he takes, he works to provide efficient legal counsel that employs innovative solutions that produce favorable outcomes for you.

The Advantage Of A Limited Caseload

There are many benefits to working with a small firm. One of these advantages is that when your attorney takes on a limited caseload, your case receives the focus, time and energy needed to procure results. While a high volume of cases may be better for an attorney’s bottom line, it typically does not serve the clients’ best interests. With a solid background as a litigation attorney for major insurers, individual plaintiffs, governmental entities, and businesses, Mr. Walters has a profound understanding of how the legal system works.

A Proven Approach To Litigation

In a small but significant number of cases, and when it is in your best interests as his client, Mr. Walters will take your case to court. When warranted, and depending on the nature and scope of the case, he may co-counsel with another attorney.

While he does not rest on his laurels, Mr. Walters’ record in appeals speaks for itself. He has obtained unanimous opinions in both the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Georgia Court of Appeals, tried and assisted at trial in several cases with verdicts reaching multiple millions of dollars, and has a reputation for aggressively pursuing litigation on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.

When You Need An Aggressive Approach To Litigation

Effective navigation of litigation and appeals requires a broad base of legal acumen and experience. With over two decades of proven success, attorney Walters can provide the seasoned counsel your case requires. He believes in a strong motion practice to define and narrow issues and evidence before the case ever gets to trial.

Mr. Walters currently maintains active licenses in both Texas and Georgia and is available for virtual consults to serve the needs of his clients. You can reach him at 844-899-4966 or use the online contact form to arrange a consultation.