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Why Choose J. Kevin Walters As Your Mediator Or Arbitrator?

Mr. Walters’ legal background in commercial transactions, the aerospace industry, corporate management, manufacturing, and complex litigation sets him apart from the competition. Mediation is a highly effective way to bring parties to a confidential resolution without the necessity of litigation or trial. Mr. Walters has successfully mediated more than 850 cases to resolution. He is skilled in listening to all sides and using that information to recommend solutions.

How Mediation Works

Mediation is about discovering creative ways to remove obstacles and offer acceptable, compromised outcomes. It is a confidential process that is controlled wholly by you. You determine your own result rather than to risk your future and fortune on the decision of a judge or jury who have little understanding or care about your case. Mr. Walters is skilled at using his experience and knowledge to point out the parties’ real goals, offer acceptable resolutions, and avoid expensive litigation or an uncertain trial.

How Arbitration Works

Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes by use of an independent judge or panel of judges to render a decision on the evidence rather than through drawn-out litigation. The judge or judges are chosen by agreement among the parties usually by means of a procedure stated in a contract. Most modern commercial agreements contain an arbitration requirement either in lieu of filing suit as a final resolution (“binding” arbitration) or as an attempt at resolution before suit is filed (“non-binding” arbitration). Arbitration has gained popularity as a mandatory contractual term for three reasons:

1) the likelihood of saving significant costs over the litigation process;
2) the ability of the parties to choose their own judge or panel of judges; and
3) the parties’ ability to determine their own trial date rather than wait on the random and often slow assignment of a court calendar.

Mr. Walters is a registered arbitrator with the State of Georgia and capable of sitting in judgment and rendering decisions in a wide variety of legal matters. Whether you are faced with a mandatory arbitration contractual clause or you simply choose to arbitrate rather than litigate, the Walters Law Firm can fulfill that role.

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